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| Looking for OEM’s spare parts in the mobile machinery industry, parts that are no longer available with your usual supplier? Hydraulic components, electronic components or mechanical components…

We can help you! We are equipped to perform series or single part.


  • Distributor with direct actuator, piloted actuator, poppet valve, spool type valve
  • Proportional Distributor with direct actuator, piloted actuator
  • Pressure valves with direct actuator, piloted, proportional
  • Pressure relief valve, counterbalance, shut-off valves
  • Check valve with direct actuator or piloted, filling valve
  • Adaptable modular valve, check valves, flow limiter, pressure switch, etc.
  • Electronic for pumps, valves, and auxiliaries
  • Flow and pressure meter, pressure sensors, manometer, etc.
  • Control and maintenance system
  • Fittings and other accessories
  • ...

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