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Our industrial production


  • Mechanical workshop (Automated lathe ans CNC machine centers)

This workshop is used to manufacture small series and prototypes in general. However, it is also used to mass produce in case of fast delivery.


  • Prototype workshop (Complete workshop with its own bench test)

This workshop is used to assemble prototypes and includes dedicated bench test. We test and characterize each prototype and deliver a performance report on it with all the necessary recommendations.


  • Metrology lab (High Tech 3D Equipment)

The parts received from our sub   suppliers are tested in order to detect defects before we use them. The   smaller parts are verified by a 3D measurement tool connected to a computer. They are then stocked until used and verified again in the finishing workshop.


  • Finishing workshop

The finishing workshop is used to verify parts again and correct them if necessary. When relevant, parts will be deburred and adjusted to obtain the best performances. Also, all parts will be soaked in a treatment bath to eliminate all impurities.


  • Assembly workshop

All the parts necessary to the hydraulic blocks are gathered for the assembly. The technicians will then assemble manually each block with all the required precision.


  • Hydraulic bench tests

All the hydraulic blocks are tested to verify their proper operation and to control the absence of defects. This is the last step before shipment.