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Simulation R&D



Our team is here to assist you with your fluid power and R&D: the development of a model through powerful 3D software and 1D dynamic simulation, which uses real-world simulation to actively transform theoretical results into operational products.  We use our vast network of registered patents to work closely with our customers to identify their needs an offer the best possible solutions, while both increasing performance and optimizing cost-savings through our client-tailored designs.  FD-GROUPS America can not only assist our own clients with the fine-tuning of their systems, but we are also uniquely qualified to assist our business partners with the troubleshooting of their products, in order to provide long-term resolutions for their devices and structures.



MASS-PRODUCTION - Smaller production series equals precision products

FD-GROUPS America is manufacture-capable for any stage of production your company requires up to 5000 units.  From custom-made prototypes to the launching of your limited series, we are with you for each step as our team expertly makes your concept a reality, while our first-rate Vertical Inventory System keeps parts on hand for singular or mass production of your components, ensuring prompt, reliable delivery of your products.



TESTS & MEASURES - We go the extra mile

Quality control is taken very seriously at FD-GROUPS America, as we perform bench test characterization on all our manufactured products, either individually or via lot representation, to ensure everything is in good working order and ready to use from the moment our clients take delivery. 


AFTER-SALES SERVICE – We are with you for the whole duration of our partnership



ON-SITE INTERVENTION – If we can’t solve your problem from our offices, our technical team will come to you! 

Count on us to also visit your site for the start-up prototypes and/or the first time your machine incorporates our components, to ensure everything is appropriately adjusted for your specific application.



PARTS AVAILABILITY - We have an available, efficient team ready to take care of all of your needs. 

In the rare instance that a manufactured part fails, we do have items in stock, ready for shipment at your convenience.  We also perform repairs on the electric controller circuit boards.