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FLUIDESIGN GROUP offers innovative, reliable, and robust solutions for Hydraulic and Electronic technologies. These criteria also apply to our Precise Sheet Metal Forming Division.

All FLUIDESIGN GROUP’s developments are focused on the user’s requirements therefore our components and systems are specifically designed for each customer.



FLUIDESIGN GROUP IS COMPOSED of 5 complementary activity sectors:


  • FLUID-SYSTEM specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic components
  • CEREBRUM Engineering performs our R&D and Computer Simulation
  • FD Intégrateur is dedicated to electronic controllers and electronic engineering
  • FD-GROUPS America is our US subsidiary to expand our business toward America.
  • FD-GROUPS CHINA is our US subsidiary to expand our business toward China.

Our goal is to export the know-how, the strict standards and the quality of our products that have made our strengths in France.


The common factor between our 3 activity sectors: Quality, Trust, Responsiveness



FLUIDESIGN GROUP develops common values for all its companies:

  • Quality commitment with the respect and the application of the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 norms in FLUID-SYSTEM.
  • Trust relationship along with our product and services
  •  Responsiveness to your requests and requirements