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Hydrostatic transmission block for grape harvesting machine

To develop its new machine, our customer gives its engineering team complete freedom on what to do with the hydraulics. Rather than optimizing an existing machine, it decides to imagine an “ideal” machine with the highest harvesting quality and comfort of use. The technical solutions found by the engineering department were innovative and unique.

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1- Customers expectations

The customer states the expectations and the limitations to consider:

Example: Emergency braking distance too long the foreign country certification’s requirements. The solution must be cost neutral.


2- Means implemented to carry out the project

Following the constraints study, we take the following actions:

Applications: Modeling of the machine hydrostatic transmission, the frame and the links to the ground. Replication of the braking sequence with the tools available in house.


3- Results

While respecting the customer’s constraints, our team finds the best practical and simple solution.

In this case: Add a valve on the hydraulic circuit (which will then be patented)