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Auto Steering Valve

  • Auto-Steering-Valve
  • Auto-Steering-Valve
  • Auto-Steering-Valve
  • Auto-Steering-Valve

This block can be installed on tractors already in service with any type of hydraulic steering systems (LS dynamic or conventional).
The valve is used to control an engine by directly actuating on the steering cylinders, based on the GPS system data.
This block supplies a proportional flow to the steering cylinders. The customer’s electronic control system will then allow the setting of GPS guidance for tractors that have been modified with this installation.
Features & Advantages
    • Up to 250 bar [3,626 psi]
    • Regulated flow 60 l/min (16 gpm)


    • Simple connection with only one connector to plug
    • Easy to use
    • Inovative